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Excited to be part of a new @HISTORY series #BeyondtheBattlefield which premieres on Veteran’s Day 11-11-23. I discuss the origins of American special operations, the OSS, and Special Foecss in the second hour of the show

Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles
Expert Appearing in Four Episodes
and the Trailer:

Bunker Hill
Battle of Brooklyn
Bull Run
On Fox News with Trace Gallagher discussing THE INDISPENSABLES and Afghanistan.
On Fox News with Charles Payne discussing “The American Dunkirk” conducted by THE INDISPENSABLES 245 years ago, ironically, on the exact day the US evacuated Afghanistan. Also, provided expert analysis of what’s next.

Event Hosted by George Washington’s Mount Vernon Featuring Patrick K. O'Donnell
Patrick K. O'Donnell on
the Brian Kilmeade Show
Patrick O'Donnell joins the War Room to talk about his book...
Stephen K. Bannon hosts War Room’s Memorial Day special to honor...
Patrick K. O'Donnell on
The John Batchelor Show
"Real Inglorious Bastards" based on
They Dared Return
by Patrick K. O'Donnell
"Real Inglorious Bastards" (The Real Inglorious Bastards, based on They Dared Return, won numerous film awards, including GI Film Festival and Canadian Screen Award for Best History Documentary.)
Fire in the Hole
by Patrick K. O'Donnell

Footage shot by Patrick O'Donnell while clearing houses with Lima Company, 3/1, 1st Platoon ( We Were One) Battle of Fallujah Jolan District, November 18, 2004. Note the use of a piece of technology from WWII's Omaha Beach: the Bangalore Torpedo.
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C-SPAN:  Washington's Immortals
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Campaign 1776 / Civil Trust
Patrick K. O'Donnell at the Battle of Brooklyn
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Dog Company, National Portrait Gallery, General George Patton's portrait
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C-SPAN: Give Me Tomorrow
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Book TV: The Brenner Assignment
The Book Studio : The Brenner Assignment
Shootout: Germany
Shootout: The Pacific
History Channel:  The Battle for Fallujah
History Channel:  Guadalcanal
They Dared Return
National Press Club Interview
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Patrick O'Donnell Interviews Rick Atkinson
on C-SPAN's Afterwards
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History Channel:  Shootout!
The Battle of the Bulge
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Beyond Valor: Legendary WWII Heroes of
D-Day in Their Own Words and Bronze Star Presentation to WWII Paratrooper Veteran
Reunion of legendary WWII intelligence and special operations veterans and a discussion of Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs
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Selected Documentaries & Programs

  • National Geographic– Hitler’s Last Stand: Forest of Death
  • National Geographic –Hitler’s Last Stand: Nazi Fortress
  • Washington's Immortals on NPR’s “Here & Now”  click here to listen and read excerpt
  • Patrick K. O'Donnell's First SEALs on NPR, November 2014
  • Washington's Immortals on WABC Radio: The John Batchelor Show
  • WABC Radio The John Batchelor Show—Battle of Kings Mountain
  • Washington's Immortals—Tom Gulley Show
  • D-Day And ‘The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc’ on NPR
  • Patrick K. O'Donnell on WGN TV / Chicago
  • Bloody George At the Chosin Reservoir, Against the Odds / Season 1 Episode 5
  • The History Channel, Discovery, BBC—co-produced or served as “talking head” in more than twenty documentaries
  • Bloody George by The Discovery Channel was based on Give Me Tomorrow.
  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About with Henry Rollins
  • Shootout! D-Day Fallujah, based on O’Donnell’s rifle platoon experiences in We Were One—a documentary used as a training film at the USMC School of Infantry
  • Shootout! Guadalcanal
  • Shootout! WWII: The Pacific (Makin Raid, New Georgia, Peleliu, Battle of Manila)
  • Shootout! WWII: Assault on Germany (Siegfried Line, Battle of Hill 400, Operation Varsity)
  • Shootout! Okinawa: The Last Battle of WWII
  • Shootout! Iwo Jima: Fight to the Death
  • Battle of the Bulge: History Channel
  • Germany: History Channel
  • Moe Berg: Catcher was a Spy
  • History’s Secrets: OSS: National Geographic 
  • Midway/Coral Sea: History Channel
  • D-Day to Berlin, British Broadcasting Corporation
  • War Stories with Oliver North: Operation Market-Garden
  • War Stories with Oliver North: D-Day
  • Band of Brothers, DreamWorks, historical consultant
  • National Memorial Day Concert, National Mall, selected reading of Dog Company, PBS
  • Where is the Unmarked Burial Place of Maryland 400, Fox 5, NYC
  • C-SPAN BOOK TV—host, interviewed historian Rick Atkinson, author of Day of Battle
  • All of O’Donnell’s book presentations have been captured by C-SPAN Book TV or American History TV.
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